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Youth Ministers, Come Back To The Call

When I signed up for a job in youth ministry, the last two-and-a-half years were not what I was signing up for. Youth ministry during this COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly challenging. We’ve had to cancel events, rethink the way we do ministry, and spend WAY too many hours start at a webcam. In this post-Easter season, I’ve been reminded...

The Dangers of Using Personal Brand for Ministry

I don’t know if the apostle Paul would have been on Twitter, but he definitely had a personal brand. Within decades of Christianity beginning, the early church was dealing with the challenges posed by its apostles developing personal followings. Writing to the church in Corinth, Paul criticised the quarrelling that had arisen due to church members associating themselves with his...

The Question Every Christian Should Be Asking

Humans are a social bunch. Throughout history, our survival has relied on our ability to work together as part of a group. When winter comes, no one wants to the outsider who isn’t welcome around the campfire. As a result, we’re hardwired to want to be part of the tribe; to conform to the social dynamics around us. One (in)famous...

Are We Too Distracted to Pray?

Fifty. That’s the number of times I pick up my phone each day. According to one study, it’s actually 46 fewer times per day than the average person. I’ll pick my phone up when I get a notification, when I need a small piece of information or when I want a distraction. Truth be told, I pick it up far...

Why Church Online Just Ain’t The Same

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught me, it’s how much I can do from the comfort of my couch. I can work, order groceries, video chat with family far away, write this blog post and even ‘attend’ church. Church online is nothing new. Hillsong has an Online Campus with a specially designated Online Pastor (whose entire role, I can...

Where is God’s Providence Right Now?

This pandemic has really messed up my plans. These first few months of married life were meant to be all fun date nights, weekend getaways, and gradually refilling of our savings account.

The 4 Characteristics of a Disciple

What does it mean to be a disciple? The twelve men Jesus originally chose were some of the most colourful, courageous and conflicted characters in the Bible. They were ordinary men – fishermen, tax collectors, political zealots – who went on to become the pillars of a worldwide movement.

3 Essentials For Staying Christian At University

I’ll never forget the beginning of my first university lecture. Standing before the class, my theology professor sombrely informed us, “by the time you finish your degree, your faith will either be stronger than ever, or non-existent.” Granted, I was studying theology – a subject directly concerned with the critical examination of religious belief. But in hindsight, I think my...

The God Who Runs To Meet Us

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the parable of the prodigal son. In part, I think the power of this parable is that it tells the story of who I’ve been. I’ve been the young man who went looking for fulfilment in the pleasures of the world, only to find that they left him empty.

Church is More Than The Sunday Service

“What’s the point?” That was the question I found myself asking during church one Sunday. I doubt it was the first time I had asked this question. I’m sure I challenged my parents with it most Sundays when they would drag me to church as a kid. But this time was different.