About Me

Hi, I’m Samuel, a Catholic twenty-something from New Zealand

When I finished high school, it felt like there wasn’t much out there for Christian young adults. I went from being part of a vibrant church youth group and spending my time on hip websites for Christian teens to… nothing. The moment I transitioned into young-adulthood, it felt like I had stepped into no-man’s land in theChurch.

Maybe you’ve experienced something similar. If you’re lucky, you might attend a church that has an awesome night service for young adults. But as a general rule, there aren’t many places young Christians can go for encouragement while we work, study and do life.

So I decided to start Part-Time Prophet, a blog for Christian young adults. Here you’ll find regular posts the topics of faith, love and living boldly.

Why the name? Well, the prophets have always been these incredible voices who were never afraid to call it how it is. They would engage with their culture, energize their community, and encourage in times of need.

That’s the goal here. If you’re looking for intelligent articles, authentic community and encouragement to be all God created you to be, then this is the place for you.

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