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How does the Catholic Church do youth ministry that actually works?

During my past decade in youth ministry, this is the one question I keep coming back to.

It’s a question that demands an answer. Over the past three decades there has been a steady decline in the presence of Catholic youth at Sunday Mass.

In most cases, these young people aren’t vehemently “anti-Catholic.” Rather, they are disconnected from a Church that they see as irrelevant and even indifferent to their participation.

I see this every day in my work as the Manager of Ministries to Young People for the Catholic Diocese of Auckland, New Zealand.

To quote the words of Pope Francis during World Youth Day 2013, “We need to be a church capable of meeting them on their way.”

To do that, we need to relentlessly pursue this question. We need to explore new ideas, take notice of what’s working and be willing to take bold action.

That’s why this website exists. Join the conversation.

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